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I was walking the market of Port Douglas in October 2022 and I met Andrea.

I was so delighted to see so many beautiful scarves!

Andrea was a delight, and her beach wear is amazing!

I chose the beautiful black lace that I wore continuously over the next few days around our resort with many others also stopping me to ask where I purchased this from!

I absolutely love it!


'Simone' - Melbourne 

I fell in love with Andrea’s scarves when I met her at one of her markets. The range of colours and patterns is huge. I have about 6 of my own now and they have made great presents for my girlfriends!

They are versatile, with many different ways to wear them .

Dress them up or down- they can suit any where from the beach to a function, and are feminine and glamorous.

They are also super light weight and fold up small - ideal for travelling. Can’t wait to see the new fabrics and colours that are coming. Thanks Andrea.

'Sharon' - Adelaide

Claire 3.jpeg

I met Andrea, thanks to her beautiful daughter. 

I remember that whenever I saw her, she always wore one of her scarves and always in different colours. I asked her where she had bought them and to my surprise, she told me that she was selling them! 

It's a fantastic item of clothing that you can wear at the beach or the city, and they are perfect for chilling and also formal occasions. 

It's wonderful to have so many options in just one item!

Thank you, Andrea!

'Naroa' - Spain

I met Andrea in December 2018 when I admired the beautiful top she was wearing and felt the need to compliment her (and hoped she would share her secret as to where she purchased it from). Thankfully she told me she also sold them (yayyyy!!).

We have since become amazing friends as her effervescent personality is infectious. She is passionate about her product and for good reason, they are stunning!!!. I now own quite an extensive collection of different colours and continue to be complimented by strangers whenever I wear them. You can find Andrea at various markets throughout far north Queensland! Do yourself a favour and check them won't be disappointed!

'Claire' - Sydney

Ruth bilikni.jpeg

If you ever get the chance to visit the Wednesday markets at the Marina in Port Douglas, do so!

This is where I met Andrea who sells these fabulous scarf tops... I was so impressed with the colours and the ways the scarves can be worn.

I have now 12 in my collection and now 2 pairs of matching earrings that I can inter swap with the different colours.

Every time I wear one I am bombarded with comments on how nice they are! They also pack away into a small pouch, so are ideal for travelling!

I have even sent a few back to the UK and down to Sydney and Melbourne as gifts!

If you can’t make it to Port Douglas there are many more  markets where you will find the lovely Andrea with her  unmistakable Yorkshire accent!

'Ruth' - Queensland

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